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Last updated on June 19, 2020

Often, people think estate planning is not something they need to worry about until later in life. However, working through the process now so that your loved ones will know your wishes after you are gone can help put your mind at ease. When you decide to begin the estate planning process, you need an attorney who understands that while the mechanics are the same, your plan is unique to you.

Michele Giordano of Giordano Law, PLC, knows how important it is to have a personalized estate plan in place to help provide for your children, including adult children. Michele will work with you to make sure your plan meets your specific needs and goals.

Tools That Can Help You

While every estate plan is unique, there are some common estate planning documents. Each document serves a different purpose in helping you meet your goals. Common estate planning documents Giordano Law uses include:

  • Will: outlines your preferences for the division of assets and property after death
  • Durable power of attorney: A document in which you designate someone to legally make health care decisions on your behalf
  • Patient Advocate Designation: outlines your medical treatment preferences if you should become unable to make decisions for yourself

Working With You At Every Stage

The work related to your estate plan does not end once you have created your plan. When life changes like a divorce, death or birth occur, you need to examine your documents to see if anything needs to be updated. Giordano Law, PLC, will work with you through every step of estate planning, from getting started to making updates as life changes happen. Call 616-426-8308 or contact the firm online to set up a consultation and learn more.