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When your family needs legal assistance, attorney Michele Giordano is a compassionate and welcoming ally. She treats your family with empathy and kindness while helping you pursue your brightest future.

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Handling Every Case With Compassion, Empathy And Integrity

You spend years planning for how your life will look and the way you want to live. Your energy and effort all goes into the pursuit of these dreams. A legal issue can seem like a derailment, and the uncertainty leads many to feel anxious or worried. You can take a deep breath. Attorney Michele Giordano is here.

Michele is a welcoming presence in the legal world who embraces modern family law resolutions and understands that stability and growth are your ultimate goals. Michele believes that the law can be a way to find closure and peace. She will walk beside you through your family law or estate planning issues and guide you to an outcome that lasts. Her commitment is to you.

What Every Michigan Resident Needs To Know About The Law

The law is confusing, and people will rush to give you conflicting advice about what to do, what you can or cannot say, and how to move forward with your life. This is, in and of itself, overwhelming.

Giordano Law, PLC, adheres to a few simple principles that help take the burden off your shoulders and give you real relief. First, we do not expect you to come in with a plan or to know the law inside and out. We knows that our job is to help you explore your options and to give you the information you need in a way you understand. Second, we make the law work for you through patience, active listening and personally tailored legal strategies.

You do not need to know everything. You just need to know who to talk to. Contact Giordano Law, PLC, today.
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Serving Families At All Stages Of Life

Major life milestones often mean major legal changes. This is why Michele extends her practice to estate planning. Whether you file for divorce, have a child or change jobs, you need support. Michele helps you keep your estate plan up to date so that you can rest assured that your family and loved ones are cared for.