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How can the court enforce a parenting time order?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2022 | Divorce

Children can easily get caught in the middle of a Michigan divorce. As the case moves forward, custody and parenting time are frequent topics for dispute. Once custody has been established, the court strives to make sure both parents can forge a positive relationship with the child through consistent parenting time.

Ensuring that the parenting schedule is followed is not always easy. The court can put terms and conditions into the order to make sure that the agreement is followed. It is important to be prepared for this once the case is underway or if there are challenges after it is decided.

How the law ensures parenting time is made easier

When the court makes its parenting time determination, it can take steps to make certain it is as smooth as possible. That includes transporting the child from one parent to the other. While this may seem like a minor point, many obstacles can arise with this aspect of the case. Parents can disagree about how the child will be transported and who will cover the costs. The order can state how this is to be handled.

Some parents may object to their child interacting with the other parent’s friends. This too can be discussed in the order.

Timing may also be important. Perhaps a parent has a strict work schedule and they need to have the child at a specific time. The order can make sure this is addressed. If there are safety issues, there may be a third person or an agency present during parenting time. The order may also require parents to give reasonable notice when they cannot follow the parenting time schedule.

Comprehensive legal assistance with custody and parenting time

To keep conflict to a minimum and be protected in a family law case, it is essential to understand what can be put into the parenting time agreement. It is wise to do so in cases where the parents are at odds, but it is also beneficial if the parents are on relatively good terms or are even friendly. The priority is to serve the child’s best interests. For that and to make sure the parenting time agreement is suitable, it is useful to have professional assistance from the beginning.