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Tips for addressing best interests in a child custody dispute

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Firm News

A lot of Michigan residents worry about how their divorce will affect their relationship with their child. This is understandable given that a court order could significantly limit parenting time.

If you’re in that situation now, then you should make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to protect your time with your child. This may mean negotiating a child custody arrangement that is in the best interest of your child; however, if such an agreement cannot be made between the parents, the issues of child custody and parenting time may also involve litigating the matter in court.

Know how to address your child’s best interests

Regardless of which way you hope to resolve your child custody dispute, you need to know how to address your child’s best interests. Under Michigan law, this consideration entails multiple factors, including each of the following:

  • The emotional ties between the child and each parent
  • Each parent’s ability to meet the child’s needs
  • The mental, physical, and financial position of each parent
  • The child’s preference, if the child is old enough
  • How the child custody arrangement may disrupt the child’s stability
  • Any other factors that the court deems relevant

This is an all-encompassing, comprehensive approach. Therefore, you’ll want to address every piece of evidence that could support your position. This may include addressing matters such as:

  • Financial records
  • Criminal records
  • History of substance abuse and domestic violence
  • Your ability to identify and meet your child’s needs, as indicated by your own testimony
  • The opinions of other witnesses, including school and medical personnel who know you well and can attest to the child’s need for an arrangement like the one you’re suggesting

Don’t leave your child custody dispute to chance

Far too many individuals try to resolve their child custody issues on their own. However, the intricacies involved in a child custody agreement have long-lasting impact. Given this, it is likely in your best interest to discuss your child custody matter with an attorney who is adept at handling these types of cases.