In cases involving children, the primary focus of most parents are the issues of custody and parenting time. Michigan courts generally distinguish between two types of custody: legal custody and physical custody.

Physical custody refers to where the children reside or spend their time (i.e. primarily with one parent or jointly with both parents).  Legal custody centers on the major decision-making authority for the child, determining how important matters such as education, religion and medical issues are decided.

Parenting time (sometimes referred to as visitation) is the schedule that parents follow on a daily basis.  In addition to determining what is best for the child and the family in regard to parenting time, this schedule also plays a large part in the determination of child support.  

Giordano Law, PLC takes child custody and parenting time issues seriously, understanding that any outcome that involves children should be treated with the utmost importance.  We are committed to creating arrangements that serve the best interest of the children and leaving clients with the comfort in knowing that their voice was heard in the process.