Adoptions fall under the jurisdiction of the family division of the circuit court.  In direct placement adoptions, the parent or guardian selects an adoptive parent for a child and transfers physical custody of the child to the prospective adoptive parent or parents.  In these direct placement adoptions, agencies are not always needed and attorneys can assist both the biological parents and the adoptive parents throughout the adoption process.

Stepparent adoptions are some of the most common adoption petitions filed with the court.  A stepparent adoption occurs when the spouse of a parent with custody petitions to adopt the child. Upon entry of the stepparent adoption order, that child becomes the legal child of the stepparent.

Similarly, with the Supreme Court opinion finding same-sex marriages constitutional, second-parent adoptions are becoming more common. In these cases, the same-sex partner of the legal parent may petition as a step-parent to adopt the child and become their second legal parent.

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