Meet Michele

                  Michele M. Giordano, attorney and owner of Giordano Law, PLC

                  Michele M. Giordano, attorney and owner of Giordano Law, PLC

Throughout her career, Michele has worked in both large and small firms and is proud to now open the doors of Giordano Law, PLC and offer her clients a variety of options for resolving their legal issues, working hand in hand with them in order to determine the most effective method for resolving their dispute.

Michele believes in focusing on the family - especially the children - during a family law matter, often thinking outside the box in order to find solutions that allow clients to move forward and thrive.  She understands that each case is as unique as the family it is about and she treats each client as an individual, knowing that there is no “one size fits all” solution to domestic cases.  Additionally, Michele has developed a vast network of professional colleagues to assist her clients when needed, from financial experts, realtors, mental health professionals and child specialists.  

Michele believes in giving back and feels it is an obligation to regularly donate her time to pro bono work.  Over the years, she has also represented victims of domestic violence in a variety of scenarios and understands the unique nature involved in handling such a case and the sensitivity needed in representing such a client.

She is very involved in the community, volunteering for committees and sitting on several boards for organizations she feels passionate about.  She enjoys writing and has been a regular author for local publications on family law issues.

In her spare time, Michele likes to spend time with her family and friends, travel, test her limits at CrossFit Grand Rapids, and play with her pug, Riggins.